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C7, C9 Lights & Strings

The quintessential Christmas light bulbs! We offer a wide selection of incandescent C7 and C9 bulbs with the strings to match. Our bulbs are packed in boxes of 25 and come in a Steady Burn, Twinkle, or Painted Opaque style. C7 Christmas lights are the Candleabra E-12 base bulbs that have adorned countless trees and displays. The larger C9 Christmas lights are Intermediate E-17 base and are perfect for outlining your roof or lighting up large outdoor trees. With every bulb you will have to make sure you have the strings to go with them. With lengths ranging from 25', 50' and 100', all the way to spools of 500' and 1000', you can light any area with ease. You can even custom make stringers with spools and plugs. We also offer LED C7 and C9 bulbs which lets you use your existing light strings and get all the benefit of LED bulbs. 

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