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If you're looking for lights for Wine Bottles and other craft projects then check out our wide selection of Craft lights below. These small mini light strings are perfect for any craft project such as lighting glass blocks, lighted wine bottles, table centerpieces, lighted canvas art and much more. Our Craft Lights come in 10 count, 15 count, 20 count, and 35 count varieties with most bulb colors available on green and white wire. What makes these craft Christmas light strings so practical is that they have a single male plug that goes from the power source to the first bulb and the string ends with a bulb and not a plug so you can easily decorate nearly anything without that large bulky plug getting in the way. All of our craft lights come in individual sets but are discounted for bulk orders.

Our LED Craft lights allow you not have to worry about bulb life, heat, or power consumption. LED Craft light strings feature 20 Wide Angle 5mm bulbs and come in all standard bulb colors as well as options for green and white wire. Making the switch to LED allows you to design your projects without having to worry about the aforementioned issues that are common with incandescent lights, which means less headaches especially if you're selling your crafts!

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