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A classic way to outline your home or business is Icicle lights. Christmas Lights Central carries 100 count and 150 count Icicle light strings in green and white wire options as well as a variety of bulb colors if clear lights are not your thing. While the classic incandescent style is a Christmas staple, our LED Icicle lights allow you plug a much larger number of icicle strings end to end for a much easier decorating experience. LED Icicle lights last over 10 times longer and use 80% less power than their incandescent counterparts. Snowdrop lights give your roofline or even a tree the appearance of dripping icicles, these icicle bulbs screw into E-12 or E-17 bulb sockets and have a dripping appearance that can really set off a home or lighted tree. Snowdrop, sometimes called snowfall, bulbs are all self contained LED bulbs that come in sizes ranging from 5" to 36" long.

If you need clips to hang your icicle light strings on gutters or under shingles check out our Christmas Light Clips page for all the necessary mounting hardware . All of our icicle lights have bulk discount pricing for larger orders, click the products to see the discount structure.