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We carry a variety of different bulbs and products that let you meet special decorating needs. Our Flicker Flame bulbs and Luminara Flameless Candles are a great alternative to real candles and look great at churches and weddings. They are safe to use around pets, kids and to leave on even while you aren't home. Our Bubble lights offer a classic bulb style from years gone by, great for capturing that classic Christmas look on your tree, in garland or wreaths for the holidays. We offer a selection of quality Rope light in 3/8", 1/2" sizes. This flex lighting is great for lighting not only for the holidays but for patios, decks, gardens, walkways, accent lighting in your home and more. Battery lights are wonderful for making small light craft projects, lighting costumes, wreaths and more. Without the need of a power source you can put them almost anywhere by just hiding a small battery pack. The last but not least of the specialty lights is starlight spheres. The balls of light come in both LED and incandescent mini lights in many colors. They have a 12 foot lead wire with a stackable plug. Easy to hang and is great for many different occasions, like parties and weddings. All of these specialty selections are great for all occasions. You can get even more creative with your lighting for parties, weddings and holidays.