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Clips & Accessories

We offer a large selection of Christmas light clips and all the electrical supplies you'll need to repair or make your own light display. Many of our Christmas light clips are made in the USA and allow you to easily mount lights on gutters, under shingles, along walkways, on displays and more. Our electrical supplies page features slide on back plugs, replacement C7 & C9 sockets, 18 gauge wire spools,and more. We offer an assortment of Christmas light controllers, from flashers and faders to programmable chasing controllers. We have systems big and small to bring any decorations to life. Like our clips many of our larger controllers are made right here in the USA! Lastly, our black out & color caps are small caps that slide over the top of mini lights to change their colors or black them out entirely for a professional looking installation.

Christmas Lights Central has all the supplies you'll need to complete any decorating project, email us today if you have any questions about your project!