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We are proud to offer a wide variety of Christmas Light clips. There is a clip for every application. All application clips, for hanging almost anything from mini lights to LED lights. Mini light sculpture clips, to help you bring those Christmas displays back to life by securing your mini lights to the frame. Ground light stakes to hang C7 and C9 LED and incandescent lights along a driveway or walk way. Flat roof clips can attach to a flat roof surface with screws or adhesive so that you have a more permanent application for commercial decorating with C7 and C9 bulbs. Magnet clips are an easy install, just stick them to anything metal and add C7 or C9 Christmas lights. Gutter clips are great for having more of a swag type effect with your  mini lights or icicle lights. There is also a selection of Christmas light clips that are completely made in the USA! There are many selections, such as, multi purpose clips, speed shingle tabs, L clips and more with high quality molding and plastic that will last for many holiday seasons to come. All these versatile clips will work for either your home or business.