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Have you ever wanted to create a custom effect or even just have a standard chasing effect with your Christmas lights? Well, here is the answer. We offer many Christmas light controllers for animating Christmas light displays and more. Anything from chasing controllers, faders, flashers, programmable controllers and timers.We offer many a variety of preset chasing controllers that allow you to set the speed of chasing cycle the outlets follow. Our programmable light controllers allow you to internally set the chasing / animation pattern of the controller to fit any display style. Checkout the Christmas light controllers below you will also find our preset and programmable chasing controllers, light timers to cut energy costs as well as light faders and classic outlet flashers. Our light fader allows you to fade between two outlets and the outlet flashers, or winker, let you plug in an incandescent light string and makes light flash 14 to 20 time per minute. It can handle up to 100 watts. All of these are great options for animating your Christmas lights. 

Please Note: Chasing controllers cannot make a light string chase inside itself, but cycles through the outlets in sequence. Faders and flashers are not designed to work with most LED light strings.