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LED Christmas Lights

Making the switch to LED Christmas lights will help you cut your energy cost during the holidays and reduce the worry of lights burning out. We offer a wide selection of LED lights from traditional looking to modern classics! Our C6, C7 and C9 LED lights have the look of screw in bulbs of yesteryear, the retrofit bulb options for the C7 and C9 allow to use light strings you already may own and are comfortable decorating with. M5 LED light strings have the look of classic mini lights whereas our Wide Angle 5mm sets are a modern take on a LED Mini light with intense & vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, these strings are great for lighting your tree or home without losing that classic appearance. LED Christmas lights allow you to connect over 15 sets end to end which makes decorating any home, office, or event a breeze.

Below you'll find the various styles of LED Christmas lights we offer. All of our LED bulbs and sets feature bulk discounts so you can save on larger orders. 

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