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If you are looking for a great Christmas light to light your home or business with all the energy saving benefits of LED lights, C9 LED lights are your best bet. With the selection of C9 LED Christmas lights in two forms, screw-in bulbs and pre-made light strings, you can find something for all your lighting needs. The retro fit C9 LED bulbs are a wonderful choice when you already have stringers from previous holiday seasons up on your house or commercial building, all you have to do is take out the old lights add in the new C9 Christmas lights. The other option is the pre-made LED Christmas light strings. These come in a couple of options. We offer a 25 count C9 LED pre-made light set. These sets feature 8" bulb spacing, 4" lead and tail with approximately 16' of lighted length. There are many color choices on green wire and will last for about 50,000 hours as well as being rated for indoor and outdoor use. The other is the removable C9 light sets. These strings are 26 bulb count with 8" spacing as well as a 6" lead and tail. These are for use indoor and outdoor, also you can connect 30 sets end to end. Any option will be great for all the commercial and residential decorating projects. 

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